Precision & Network Medicine – Can ‘big data’ save your life?

The precision and network medicine approach is taking us beyond the age of traditional black and white clinical decision making to an era of precise disease prevention, prediction and treatment around specific individuals. This session is a panel discussion that will highlight how BWH is gearing up to become the world leader in precision and network medicine with examples of how this approach has transformed the care of BWH patients in recent times and what challenges lie ahead. We will be announcing our speakers soon, so check back!


Bioengineering – The Meeting of the Minds

The Bioengineering session – “Meeting of the Minds: Stories of Successful Collaborations in Bioengineering & Medicine” is a series of short overview talks by bioengineer-clinician pairs who have teamed up to apply their combined expertise to seek bioengineering solutions for old and new problems in healthcare. The speakers will highlight specific clinical problems and the development of corresponding bioengineering solutions for these problems. They will also spotlight the strengths of their collaborative approach to problem solving.


BRIght Futures Prize Voting is Now Open

The third annual BRIght Futures Prize Competition features three compelling projects – all with the potential to solve vexing medical problems. The finalists, all BWH researchers and clinicians, were selected through a rigorous two-step peer review process. We are excited to introduce the three finalists for the 2014 BRIght Futures Prize. As in previous years, the recipient of the $100,000 2014 BRIght Futures Prize will be decided by public vote. The 2014 BRIght Futures Prize voting is now open, so watch the video, read the finalists’ Q&A and vote for the project you think should receive $100,000.

BRIght Futures Prize

The 2014 BRIght Futures Finalists are Hadi Shafiee, PhD, Nasim Annabi, PhD and Alexander Lin, PhD. Watch the BRIght Futures Video to hear from each of the finalists and learn more about their research projects and then vote to decide which project should get $100,000 on Research Day.

Save the Date: November 20, 2014

Our third annual Research Day is Thursday, November 20, 2014.  Some of the highlights include talks and panels with world class researchers, a hospital-wide poster session, awards ceremony and keynote address.  This event is open to everyone - we invite you to join us in celebrating the amazing research that takes place at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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Research Day App

We are very excited that for the first time, we will have a Research Day app for smartphones that will allow you to access the agenda, speaker information, maps, social media and more.  

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