2PM – 3PM

Shapiro Breakout Room

Winning the War on Cancer – One Organ at a Time

Cancer is fast catching up with heart disease in terms of becoming the number one cause of death in the United States. As terrible as this sounds, the reality is that several remarkable advances have taken place in oncology research over the past four decades. The enormous strides we have made in molecular biology since the completion of the human genome project now allow us to profile different tumors down to the last mutation while smart drugs, better classification systems and earlier screenings are already chipping away at the need to carpet bomb cancer. Novel technologies that can diagnose tumors with unparalleled accuracy, surgical therapies that rival the precision of a sharp shooter and ever expanding patient awareness and scientific knowledge are all on our side – slowly but steadily leading us to a future where cancer will not be anyone’s nemesis.

This session will be a series of short talks focusing on highlighting research at BWH across cancer in different organs and the innovations in understanding, diagnosing or treating them.


Jessica Bartlett
Healthcare Reporter
Boston Business Journal


“Ovarian Cancer- Identifying New Risk Factors to Enhance Prevention”
Elizabeth Poole, PhD

“Prostate Cancer- Robotics to Acquire Better Prostate Biopsies”
Nobuhiko Hata, PhD
Associate Professor
BWH Department of Radiology

“Guiding Brain Tumor Surgery with Mass Spectrometry”
Nathalie Agar, PhD
Instructor, Director
BWH Department of Neurosurgery, Surgical Molecular Imaging Laboratory